David Auger

David Auger

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

A graduate of McGill University in kinesiology, and a trained firefighter, I spent more than twelve years reconciling my work in fire safety and my passion for real estate. After building a house, renovating several residences and carrying out several real estate projects, I launched into real estate full time, and I have been offering my services and expertise.

My wide range of professional experiences as a firefighter, then as a fire cause investigator, and finally in construction, renovation and project management have made me a seasoned real estate broker :
  • I have excellent technical knowledge of buildings;
  • I benefit from a strong network of contacts of construction experts;
  • I have a very good ability to establish fair market value; And
  • I support my clients in a climate of trust and professionalism.
What sets me apart from other real estate brokers is the personalized support I offer to my clients. A transaction as important as the purchase or sale of a property deserves a rigorous approach. I therefore prepare my files meticulously and with great attention to detail, and I leave no element to chance. I am hardworking, resourceful and always available to help the customer.

We look forward to supporting you in a possible real estate transaction!
David Auger

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